Modern Home Decor

Modern Home Decor

Modern Home Decor

What Characterize Modern Home Decor?

All this time, we are ‘forced’ to see the antagonism between old/classic and modern in the area of home design and décor. Basically, the two have characteristics more or less opposite to each other. Right now, I will share with you the characteristics of modern home decor. I know that many of you already know about such characteristics but I am not sure if all of your share the precisely same knowledge about them with each other.

So, here are several true characteristics of modern home decor.

  • Simple

Modern style of home décor is typically simple. The same principle actually is applied to modern home design and architecture in a broader sense. This is also what characterizes a modern décor most obviously. I am not trying to say that with this feature, any modern décor style is not interesting. Simple can be very interesting, guys. Simple means it doesn’t have too many complex patterns and textures as a classic home décor has. Simple simply means not complicated. Simple means not exaggeration.

The simplicity principle can also be manifested in the lack of artistic ornaments, whether in form of artworks or things like that.

  • Clean lines

Combined with the simplicity is the principle of clean lines that becomes another feature characterizing modern décor of home. Speaking about clean lines, we basically deal with many things because décor can be manifested in any models.

  • Functional décor

The third deals with how every piece of decorative ornaments can be useful. I am speaking of functional décor that modern home should have so that the functionality of the house works better. In other words, whatever the decorative item is, it has to have a great functionality that will help you do things in your house. In this respect, forget about any ornament that has no significant use regarding to the whole use of the house.

  • Involving the use of industrial materials as well as technology

It is a mistake to only relate the use of industrial materials to home design, neglecting its relevance to the décor. Modern home decor is also barely separated from the involvement of some industrial materials, like plastic, metal, etc. Let us take for example when you install a set of colorful track lights in the ceiling area.

To a certain extent, it is also related to the involvement of technology in the décor. The latter example is the clear example.

In order to understand further about modern home decor, it is going to be much more sufficient if you want to compare with the classic one.

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