Kitchen Extensions

Kitchen Extensions

Kitchen Extensions

Great Methods Of Kitchen Extensions

There is always a chance to extend your kitchen especially if one day you decide that some other room adjacent to it is no more useful. The chance is open if you want to make this decision: make use of the other unused room as the extra kitchen space. Such a method is practically done by knocking through the room divider, i.e. the wall, separating the kitchen interior from the other room. However, it is not the one and only method of extending the kitchen. In addition to wall knocking through, there are several other methods of kitchen extensions.

a. Incorporating the Side Return

In a condition that there is no more space left to extend your kitchen, an idea that you can try is to extend the space by utilizing the side return. We have to admit that such an idea is not popular yet. We have got used to see a side return in the exterior, not incorporated to the house interior. But, if you want to look closer to it, you’ll find it so fruitful to use as the extra space for most commonly a side return is left unused and unoccupied.

How is the implementation? Such an idea is implemented by destructing the old wall to remove the separator between the area in the side return and the kitchen. Then, a new wall needs to be built at the edge of the side return. A little bit more expressive, you can set up transparent fiberglass roof in the extra space to let more natural light illuminate the interior. But, it is optional. You are free to use your own idea.

b. Extending out to the Vacant Space

Being one of the most interesting methods of kitchen extensions, such a method is this one: to extend the kitchen space by making use of an extra space. Note that it is similar but not the same as breaking through a wall to combine the kitchen with another room. Such an idea purely utilizes a space that has never been used for anything or a space that is currently unused. Uniquely, you can make use of a space outdoor to apply this idea.

Such a method is interesting also because you can show to anyone your creativity as well as sense of art in the area of architecture. Well, some designers build kitchen extensions by building glass boxes that make anyone in the kitchens able to view the outside of the house.

Nevertheless, as an idea, it is not totally perfect. Instead, cost is a very potential barrier to applying this method.

Think if kitchen extensions are really needed.

Well, regardless the method or idea of extending a kitchen that becomes your favorite, it is better to think twice if an extended kitchen is really what you need.

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