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House Designs

House Designs

Best Everlasting House Designs

In this world, there are several most prominent house designs that have been famous for generations. Let’s take for example French Country design, which is familiar for it has typical Gaelic rooster décor.

In this opportunity, I will share with you some of such home designs. Check these out:

  1. American Colonial Design

American colonial design is basically not just popular in the area of home architecture but also furniture. But, the concept is just the same. There are several features that explain about American colonial design.

  • White color

Every American colonial house cannot be separated from white as its dominant color. More or less, white dominates almost all parts of the house including the interior and exterior walls, ceiling, and furniture. Thus, it is easy to imagine how the house looks. Yup, clean, elegant, and classic.

  • Wooden material

Wood becomes one of the major materials to build an American colonial house, besides solid-concrete. Covered with white paint, it becomes a component analogous with the classic elegant concept of the house.

  • Vertical-line pattern

Vertical-line pattern completes the rest features of American colonial design of house. It makes such a design more and more recognizable.

2. Tuscan Design

Who doesn’t know Tuscan? This is one of the oldest major house designs that still gain a huge popularity in the world of architecture. Tuscan is familiar for it has rustic features that represent its origin in Tuscany, Italia. As well all know, it is a fancy rustic medieval design that may be hard to die. Why? Its originality is pure that nothing else comparable to it. Its flagstone dominance can’t be erased from the memory of anyone thinking about it.

Tuscan design is a combination of rusticity of rural Mediterranean and strong traditional Italian culture.

3. Art Deco Design

Art deco is one of the modern house designs firstly introduced in the 1930s. What is peculiar from such a kind of design? Well art deco is recognizable for it is characterized by the simplicity in shape as well as in line in combination with colors that are quite strong.

That is a kind of breakthrough, especially in its era, since it’s contradicted to the dominance of classic styles in home architecture.

4. French Country Design

The fourth everlasting famous design of house is French Country. What comes across your mind when hearing it? Well, I have talked about the symbolic décor of it: Gaelic rooster décor. Yup, that is one of the most obvious signs of such a home design. Besides that, French Country is also familiar for its serene classic theme that you can feel when you are inside a house of this kind.

What do you think? Can you give another idea?

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