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Many fellow observers say that home design can tell how nature of the owner of the house is. Although it is often the job of a professional architect to design a house, meaning most of the design is the expression of the designer’s idea, the homeowner usually still has a role in deciding the concept of the house. Thus, even if you hire a professional designer to design your home, you can say ‘it is my style over all’.

In this very good chance, I’d like to share a little bit of what I know about some recommendations about good designs of homes. So, now, I hope you want read a couple of recommendations dealing with designing home as the followings:

  1. Be smart with color choosing.

One element of a home design in the modern era is paint. Meanwhile, paint represents color. You paint the house red means you color it to look red. You paint yellow is the same as coloring it yellow. But, it is not merely about selecting randomly when it comes to color preference of a house. When you choose some particular color to be painted to the house, you should know what it is for or why you decide to use the color.

Various purposes of coloring a house exist. You should be aware of this fact. Some people color their homes some bright colors because the rooms or the whole interiors are too small. As we all know, lighter colors can make rooms feel somewhat bigger or larger.

Factually, the reasons are not just about that. Some certain color or colors is needed to apply in some particular room due to the functionality. For instance, you paint a girl’s room pink.

  1. Think green.

Whatever the whole concept of the house is, it will never be a good home design if it is not green or you as the designer never think of any nature-friendly concept at all. In these days, environmentally friendly homes are needed.

  1. Consider budget efficiency.

You may not believe that there is a little money can be used to build a magnificent house. But, I do believe that it can be. We always need efficiency in spending, don’t we? On the other hand, a good house is a dream of everyone, right? There are many solutions to deal with the budget efficiency. One of the solutions is to utilize second hand and/or refurbished appliances as well as furniture pieces. Another idea is to make use more of what nature has, like natural lighting, air, etc.

Some experts recommend mixing newly-bought items with some old stuffs that you have or you can get.

If you have a question, don’t hesitate to ask.

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