Green Kitchen

Green Kitchen

Green Kitchen

Tips To Build A Green Kitchen

In some articles of mine, I’ve talked about eco-friendly homes that have gained a huge attention these days. I admit that the term ‘eco-friendly’ is still interesting to me and to talk about. Today’s article isn’t far from it actually. I’m going to focus on the kitchen. How to have an eco-friendly kitchen is going to be discussed here.

A lot of people tend to call an eco-friendly kitchen a green kitchen that literally refers to nature that is often identified with green and greenish colors. Deeper about the meaning of the term, one can say that such a concept of kitchen has been promoted by lots people in the past few decades, especially by them who have great commitments to nature preservation.

Then, how is to build a green kitchen? Getting misled is always possible when an amateur is in charge with such a kind of project without any expert help. To set up a kitchen interior that is technically nature friendly looks easy but practically tricky.

No one expects to be failed in doing projects like that, right? That is what I’m going to deal with now: to show you several tips on setting up a kitchen that is environmentally friendly. Here you are:

a. Set up an everlasting kitchen.

One of the principles of an eco-friendly kitchen is high efficiency. And, one of the manifestations of the efficiency of a kitchen is the durability of it. But, it is not merely about the building but also furnishings. The kitchen utensils supposed to be used, for example, need to be durable in order to be able to be used for many years. So are the cookware, cabinetry, tableware, and so forth. A set of stainless-steel pans are a good example of the recommended things to be provided.

b. Carefully choose between gas and electric stove.

This is one of the trickiest parts. To choose between those two different power-based kinds of stoves is not as easy as you may be thinking. There are many aspects that you need to consider including the pros and cons of both of the two.

Some people avoid using the gas one. Why? It is based on fossil, which is not renewable. But, the electric one is not much better. The fuel is somewhat of the same group unless the electricity source in your area comes from nuclear. Even, using an electric stove will potentially be much costlier.

But, if you analyze from the perspective of greenhouse effect, electric is much better because it almost has nothing to do with the production of CO2 and other kinds of harmful gases.

c. Create lots of openings.

Tip no. 3 is to provide many openings in order to let more sunlight enter the interior. It will make it efficient the electricity power usage.

Every intention you have to set up a green kitchen needs to get appreciations after all.

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