Frosted Glass

Frosted Glass

Frosted Glass

What Is Frosted Glass? What Is It For?

The massive use of glass for buildings is not new news. But, who uses frosted glass? The popularity of glass that you can see in the designs of nearly all today’s homes usually refers to use of plain glass. Meanwhile, the frosted one is still far from being popular.

I believe that even not many people have been familiar with such a kind of glass all this time. So, let’s find out more about it.

What is the better of it than plain glass?

First off, we need to understand that plain glass is more preferred that the frosted one in a way that is offers more flexibility to use as well as versatility in function. A fact shows how plain glass is applicable in almost all settings.

More Privacy

What about the frosted one? Frosted glass has some superiority over the plain one. The most obvious feature of such a kind of glass that is superior that plain glass is its capability of making more private room by the less-transparent surface of the glass. In a situation where someone needs a closed, private area or room or space but still getting light from outside as well as the preview of the other room or space of area, a frosted-type of glass in the best option. With that kind of glass, you can still estimate or find out what happening outside or what other people do there. With the privacy it offers, business can run smoother because what you do can be somewhat more disguised.

At offices, such a kind of glass is often used to set up sectional areas. Instead of using some more common dividers like ones made of wood or plastic, using this kind of glass can keep the whole sections in one room in a unity.

More beauty

In addition to the better privacy frosted glass offers, such a type of glass is superior from plain glass for it is better in aesthetics than the plain one. In line with the name, plain glass ‘just’ shows what being outside through its transparent surface. But, nothing is special in its own design. The glass just looks plain.

Meanwhile, frosted-typed glass has beauty or fancy look due to the frosted surface. Its less-smooth surface interestingly creates something like carving that ‘decorates’ the glass. For this reason, such a kind of glass is easier to find at homes. People begin to think that it is not only for privacy that frosted glass is used.

What about the installation? Well, nothing is different from installing plain glass. Just go to a store that sells that kind of glass and get it installed.

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