Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bathroom Storage Ideas

Several Worthy Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bathroom storage is not all about a bathroom vanity. The ideas are far more diverse and richer than just about it. In almost all bathroom interiors, we can see how a vanity is placed along with a couple of other kinds of storage like over-the-toilet storage, floating racks, and etcetera. All in all, bathroom storage ideas gradually are developing to become richer and richer that we can see some of the examples of those in the furniture market.

I by myself also have several ideas of bathroom storage. I wonder if you want to know. So, here I tell you several bathroom storage ideas that I think really recommended to implement in your bathroom.

  • Open wall racks.

The simplest, easiest-to-make-and-install, and most-practical-to-use idea is to install a unit of open racks on the wall. If you choose such an idea, I guarantee you will never find any major difficulties because you can just buy or make it easily by yourself. One tip for you if you want to buy or even make it buy yourself is to have one that whose design makes it possible to store various different things. Above all, the idea of open wall racks offers a better practicality that any cabinets with doors.

  • Over the vanity’s countertop

Another idea is any kind of wall storage that you install over the countertop of your bathroom vanity. Such an idea offers a more compact arrangement of the bathroom furnishings because you will have more items located in the same area. As a (good) consequence, there will be more vacant space in the rest of the areas in the interior that can make the room feel somewhat more spacious. In this case, it is okay if you want to install storage with or without a door.

  • Display-window storage

If you are a typically extrovert person who doesn’t mind if some of your private things being seen by others, placing storage that appears more like a display window would be a smart idea that you can try. The best thing of such an idea is that the room will look larger because of the see-through surfaces of the wall storage. Another benefit that you can get from having a unit of display storage is that you can get easier to find anything you want to pick.

Practically, you are flexible to apply such an idea because you can choose between base, floating, and top storage.

  • Bathtub storage

An excellent but not popular idea of bathroom storage is to add storage surrounding the bathtub. Technically speaking, the storage in form of cabinets is installed covering the outer surface of the tub. Such an idea really is smart. And, I believe you have never thought of it before. It is especially because a bathtub is most of the time not completed with storage.

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